Main topics of the International Conference

The potential of Kazakhstan in the development of relations between Europe and the EAEU

EU and EAEU. East – West: dangerous rivalry, or interaction for development?

The concept of a multipolar world. Multi-polar or multi-civilization world?

External architects in Central Asia: different scenarios in choosing a strategic partner

Kazakhstan is the largest business and transit hub of the Central Asian region, a bridge between Europe and Asia. "One belt - one way" project, strengthening the continent

The poles of a multipolar world - identity and sovereignty. Intercivilizational dialogue and exchange of experience

The modern world: a paradigm shift, or cartoon opposition? A possible alliance between authoritarian regimes and global IT giants is a way to monopolize the global media market

New approaches in the field of political and economic cooperation, the entry of Kazakhstan into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The art of building a multipolar world. The diversity of cultures and civilizations in the world is the basis for mutual enrichment, not conflict

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The elimination of the threat of global war and the settlement of local conflicts. Non-traditional security threats in the modern world and ways to prevent them




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