About the conference


On the initiative of the International Centre of Geopolitical Projection “East-West” , on April 25-26, 2019, an international conference is held in Nur-Sultan city, the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic “The Multi-Polar World XXI. The search for balance.
We express our respect and invite you to take part in the international conference on the topic “The Multi-Polar World XXI. The search for balance”.
The work of the international conference is planned in the following areas:

  • The concept of a multipolar world. The multi-polar or the multi-civilization world?
  • The poles of a multipolar world - identity and sovereignty. Inter-civilizational dialogue and exchange of experience.
  • The modern world: a paradigm shift, or a growing number of oppositions? A possible alliance between authoritarian regimes and global IT giants is a way to monopolize the global media market.
  • EU and EAEU. East-West: dangerous rivalry, or interaction for development?
  • Elimination of the threat of global war and settlement of local conflicts. Non-traditional security threats in the modern world and ways to prevent them. Existing and potential threats and scenarios of probable changes in the geopolitical situation in the short, medium and long term.
  • External architects in Central Asia: different scenarios in choosing a strategic partner.
  • The potential of Kazakhstan in the development of relations between the states of Europe and the EAEU.
  • Kazakhstan is the largest business and transit hub of the Central Asian region, a bridge between Europe and Asia. “One belt - one-way” project, strengthening the continent.
  • The art of building a multipolar world. The diversity of cultures and civilizations in the world is the basis for mutual enrichment, not conflict. Not “the clash of civilizations”, but the need for global cooperation as the defining demand of the world in modern conditions.
  • New approaches in the field of political and economic cooperation, the entry of Kazakhstan into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Participation in the work of the international conferences: Deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Presidential Administrations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, government and non-governmental analytical structures and research organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of near and far abroad, media.
Information support: placement of information in the media; placement of information on the website of the organizers; mailing information by e-mail.
The final documents of the conference: recommendations will be developed for state bodies and civil society institutions aimed at promoting and popularizing Kazakhstan’s foreign policy initiatives, and at strengthening regional and global stability. Materials of the international conference will be posted in the collection of materials.

The official invitation for participation will be sent after your confirmation by email: icgp.ew@gmail.com politassoc@mail.ru
Contact information for references: +7 701 751 08 28;
Date, time and place: 25.04.- 26.04. 2019. Registration 10:00. Start 10:30
Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, Conference Hall - Hilton Astana Hotel EXPO, ul. Sauran, 46
The host party bears the cost of travel and accommodation.
The International Centre of Geopolitical Projection "East-West" takes the opportunity to renew assurances of its high esteem for you and hopes for further fruitful cooperation.

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