About the International centre


Based on a comprehensive study of the global experience functioning of the known "think tanks", now we are present the new Center, which is focused on discussing and highlighting the key domestic and international issues.
International Centre of Geopolitical Projection “East-West" is a research, analytical center which interacts with legislators, with the media and with the public on a key issue of geopolitics.
Our Centre is an independent institution created to conduct research and acquire objective knowledge applicable in the field of geopolitics. They fill a critical void in the space between the academic world, on the one hand, and the sphere of power, on the other hand. In the universities, the research work is often determined by the theoretical and methodological debates only distantly related to real political issues.  The government officials also immersed in the specific demands of daily politics, often too busy to take a step back and reconsider the general policy of the path as a whole. Therefore, the main feature of our Centre is to help fill the gap between the world of ideas and the world of action.
This independent organization develops policy recommendations and projection for the government program specifically provides its analytical reports and the reports of the persons responsible for the adoption and implementation of political decisions and publishes its publications for review for the general public with their content.
The main directions of the strategic research of the Center is: Kazakhstan in the geopolitical processes, smart economy in the new reality, information security, monitoring of the effectiveness of state and international programs, monitoring and geopolitical projection.
Our brain  “think tanks” consolidation covers a significant segment of expert activities related to the geopolitical aspects of society, publishes political manifests, claiming the most active participation in the public life of the country and in the world arena, forms a consolidated attitude to current and strategic political issues, thereby making up the foundations of political pluralism.
The Centre "East-West” follow the course of the traditional academic model in to the model focused on specific political problems.
The experts of the Centre carry out multipurpose, “interdisciplinary” research on geopolitical problems.
The opening of "think tank" center contributed to three main factors: democratization, globalization and modernization in the sense of breakthroughs in technology and communications, as well as the complexity of the problems that  worry politicians.
For instance, democratization requires independent research and independent analysis, we need an open dialogue space for the public decisions  making. Democratization with globalization led to the cessation of the state monopoly on information. At the present time, the citizens are looking for answers to their questions from independent experts rather than governments.
In addition, the number of  global actors is growing in the world, there is the internationalization of funds of various groups, the whole world feels the pressure of globalization - there are opportunities for more rapid movement of people and information. All these factors influence for the opening in the analytical structure the institution like a type of brain trust.